Uttarkashi at a glance:

Coordinates: 30.7268° N, 78.4354° E

State: Uttarakhand

A Holy Town situated at on the banks of river Bhagirathi at an altitude of 1158 m above sea level. Uttarkashi is one of the most picturesque town of Garhwal region. One can explore different varieties of flora and fauna. A large number of devotees visit the town for pilgrimage known as Gangotri.

How to Reach Uttarkashi:

By Air: Nearest airport is Dehra Dun airport which is about 61 km. One can opt for bus or cab from the airport.

By Rail: Dehradun Railway station and Harrawala Railway station are nearest to uttarkashi at a distance of 61 and 62 km.

By Road: It is very feasible to hire a bus or cab . Rental cab is preferred from Chandigarh.

Places to visit in and around Uttarkashi

Dodital Lake


The near perfect example of true grit and determination being rewarded with a dream of a lifetime, is your trek to Dodital Lake. A day long of non stop trekking, with your path flanked by towering alpines, reaching a crystal clear lake filled with enough trout to please any protein lover, and a view to die for, because it’s only heaven where you experience bliss, like you do at Dodital.

Kuteti Devi Temple


The Kuteti Devi Temple, regarded highly by the people of Uttarkashi, and the guardian deity of some major clans here, is situated close to the Vishwanath Temple, and is known to have been established by the son in law and daughter of King Kota, who discovered the Goddess’s material reincarnation in the form of three stones.

Nachiketa Lake


A journey to Nachiketa Talis ideal for a mini retreat for a day, is what may help you if you’re looking to get away from the buzzing holy town. A trek of about 3 kms opens up to a path strewn heavily with leaves, making it look like Autumn had been vacationing here.

Nehru Mountaineering Institute


The Nehru Mountaineering Institute is India’s premier autonomous institute, established in 1965, in memory of Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, a mountain lover. A lot of professional alpine trekkers cross you and the chance to interact with them, learning about their rigorous training schedules, and their adeptness.

Shakti Temple


Where there is the mention of a temple, a very interesting Hindu mythological tale won’t be behind. There is a trident, or a ‘Trishul’, 6 meters tall, 90 cm is diameter, made from a combination of iron and copper, is said to have been thrown by the female deity Durga, also known as Shakti, to kill demons.

Shopping in Uttarkashi

Shopping kiosks in Uttarkashi are always available for all sorts of religious souvenirs, and the usual Uttarakhand varieties of woolens and wooden handicrafts, being a prime tourist destination in peak summer and monsoon months.

What to eat in Uttarkashi :

Local Food and Cuisine

Uttarkashi has small and big eating joints with a huge variety of cuisines, chiefly because the diversity of tourists is huge, and it is increasingly commercializing on the food front, to suit the tastes of the tourists. Both the options of budget food and luxury dining are available. From the Shangri La to the smaller eateries, like the popular Hotel Shiv Dev, you have enough to choose from.