Places to visit in Vikramgadh

Vikramgadh in a glance :

Vikramgadh is a town in Jawhar subdivision of Palghar district of Maharashtra state. This is a beautiful town and its nature trek attracts people from all over the country. Here are few of the places to visit in Vikramgadh.

Pilucha Dhabdhaba Waterfalls :

Pilucha Dhabdhaba is a waterfall in a quaint little spot of Vikramgadh. The gushing clear water freefalling from the mountains is quite a sight that attracts many travelers. The waterfall is in its prime during monsoons.

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What to eat in Vikramgadh : The local cuisine here is dominated by Maharashtrian food with a blend of South and North Indian cuisines. This place is known for it’s spicy food. Misal – a spicy gravy of potatoes, peas and other sprouts, makes for a mouth-watering meal. Vada Pav is the on the go fast food which is famous here.


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