William Nagar

Places to visit in William Nagar

Domre Falls


A breathtaking view of nature. Serene, magnificent and vibrant. This place will leave you awestruck at its first sight. A really good place to chill out and to free yourself of all your worries. Drench yourself here and you will not regret it one bit.

Mrik Wari


Mrik Wari is a place close to the Simsang River famous for its rock formations. Some of the formations depict the shape of a baby elephant and its mother.

Naka Chikong


120 kms from Williamnagar, is a big rock with deep hollows, in the middle of Ildek river in Badaka village.

Simsang Festival


A cultural event held in the month of December which calls upon the best artistes of the state. Loads of entertaining events like the Carnival, Singing Competition, Dancing Competition, Miss Simsang Beauty Pageant, Fashion Show, Food Festival, Wine Festival take place.

Simsang River


Tranquility is just a by product of visiting Chamera Lake, as the tourists rave about how they can’t get enough of the beauty. The lake and the dam are complementary to each other and add to the view.

What to eat in Williamnagar :

Local Food and Cuisine

Williamnagar is quite a remote area and hence, is not very developed in the catering scenario either. Thus, one would be restricted to very few options when it comes to food. It follows the traditional Meghalaya cuisine though.


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