49 kms off Yamunotri is Badkot, famous for its ancient temples and shrines.

Divya Shila


Located at 3000 metres high, this rock pillar next to Surya Kund is another pilgrim attraction.

Hanuman Chatti


On the foothills of Surya Kund is Hanuman Chatti 13 kms off Yamunotri. This place marks the confluence of rivers Yamuna and Hanuman Ganga surrounded by lush Himalayan greenery. The place is also dotted with numerous small temples.

Janki Chatti


Popular for its hot water springs, Janki Chatti 3 kms off Yamunotri is where people visit to dip themselves in the hot water springs.



Just off Janki Chatti is Kharsali, a lovely picnic spot sprinkled with a number of thermal springs, water falls and rolling meadows covered by Oaks and conifers. Lord Shiva in the Someshwar form inhabits an ancient 3-storied temple with beautiful wood work and stone carvings.

Saptarishi Kund


A popular natural lake atop 4421 metres, it is considered to be where Yamuna originates. You can trek the 10 km path from Yamunotri, preferably with a guide. You will also meet many exotic birds and glaciers on your way.

Surya Kund


This hot water spring is dedicated to the Sun God, believed to be the father of Yamuna. It also consists of a hot water spring at a temperature of 1900 F. Devotees often fasten rice and potatoes in a cotton cloth, and dip it in the water to be cooked. This cooked food is then offered to the temple.

Yamunotri Temple


This dham atop 3030 metres on Kalinad Parvat was built in 19th Century containing a bejeweled silver idol of Yamunotri wrapped in garlands. Devotees trek the 6 kms up the hill dotted with Ratnajot- a popular herb to cure eye diseases; all the way from Hanuman Chatti.


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