Places to visit in Yelagiri

Jalagamparai Falls

Going to the waterfall requires a 5 km trek. But the trek is well worth it. The Attaru river flows through Yelagiri and the breaks into a beautiful fall from the mountain rocks.

Moksha Vimochana Temple

A quite famous temple in the area is the Moksha Vimochana Temple. Located close to Nilavoor Lake, the temple Is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Moksha Vimochana literally means to attain moksha, or nirvana.

Murugan Temple

The Murgan temple is very close to Jalagamparai Falls. The temple, dedicated to Lord Murugan is made in the shape of Shiva’s Lingam. The small temple has a lawn outside and tourists can see the most beautiful view of the surrounding mountain ranges.

Nature park

The Nature park surrounds the Punganur lake. Hundreds of varieties of flowers and trees make the park a stunning spectacle. You can find a spot in the shade and eat a picnic over there, making it the perfect afternoon.

Nilavoor Lake

Another artificial Lake built in the region is the Nilavoor Lake. The quite Lake is surrounded by greenery and gives tourists ideal boating options.

Punganur Lake

The Punganoor Lake is one of the most popular artificial lakes in Tamil nadu. The man made lake covers nearly 60 sq. meters of land. There is also a fountain in the middle and boating facilities are available.

Summer Festival

The summer Festival of Yelagiri isn’t very popular among tourists, but it is definitely worth seeing. majorly attended by government officials from Tamil Nadu and other states, the Yelagiri Summer Festival is held every year in May and June.

Swami Malai Hills

Yelagiri’s most popular hill and one of the most breath taking as well, the Swami Malai Hill is the highest point of the hill station. A 3 km trek from the Punganoor lake will take you to the hill top.

Velavan Temple

Velavan Temple is dedicated to worshipping Lord Murugan. The temple has a fantastic view of the surrounding hills and it houses a rare Gadothgajan, the son of Bheema, at its entrance.

Yelagiri Adventure Camp

Yelagiri adventure camp has recently been started by the Tamil Nadu government in order to promote adventure activities at the hill station. The endeavor to make Yelagiri an attractive tourist spot includes, mountain climbing, trekking, hiking and even paragliding.

What to eat in Yelagiri :

Local Food and Cuisine

Yelagiri may not be one of the busiest hill stations in the country, but it does have its own set of facilities. Eating options is one of them. There are hotels spread out throughout the city, each with their own options. There are also numerous standalone restaurants.


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