Places to visit in Yeracaud

Anna Park

Another important place of visit in Yercaud is the Anna Park which is located near the lake. This park has a collection of the natural species of plants and trees seen around Shevaroy hills.

Bear’s Cave

A must see for any tourist visiting Yercaud, The Bear’s cave is situated in a private coffee estate near the Norton Bungalow, which is on the way to the Servaroyan temple.

Killiyur Falls

This excielectrifying and spectacular cascade is in the neighborhood of Yercaud Lake and is at its finest when sojourned to after the monsoon months. The plentiful of water of the Yercaud Lake as well as the water from the Shevaroy Hills fall endlessly into the Killiyur valley from a mounting height of 300 ft and the breathtaking view from the top to the bottom is awe-striking and a pleasure to the eye and soul alike.

Lady’s Seat

A nature’s wonder, the Lady’s seat is a rock in the form of a seat on the South West of Shevaroy hills that overlooks the ghat road and Salem town. The natives believe that a white English lady of earlier days used to squander her evenings watching the panoramic view from this rock.

Pagoda Point

Pagoda point or pyramid point is a viewpoint located on the eastern part of Yercaud hills.It was named the Pyramid point as it is shaped by four piles of stones which are arrangedIt is said to be built by the local tribes and now there is a Rama temple located between the piles of stones.

Shevaroy Temple

The Shevaroy temple is situated on apogee of the flat-topped Shevaroy hills and is mainly dedicated to Lord Shevaroyan. The temple reposes a attenuated and atramentous cave which is hermetic and the idols of Lord Shevaroyan and Goddess Kaveri are placed inside it.

Silk Farm

An interesting place to be is the silk farm of Yercaud.It is located very near to the Lady’s seat. Visiting the silk farm is sure to be a memorable and cognizant experience for youngsters.


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