About Us

Weekend Thrill Is

An online market place for curated events that can be experienced over a weekend or during leisure time. It’s a marketplace to find cool stuff to do and interesting events to experience during free time

Weekend Thrill Is for

Everything that you find on Weeked Thrill has been picked for people who believe there’s more to life than sitting at home every weekend. If you are looking for experiencing new stuff and treasure them, then Weekend Thrill is for you

Weekend Thrill Has

From a simple camping to extreme trek in Himalaya, Weekend Thrill lists all adventure activities. Weekend Thrill also list sports events happening in and around your city. If you are looking for “What is happening over this weekend?”, Weekend Thrill gives you the solution.

Apart from adventure and sports, Weekend Thrill will, over the next couple of months, also showcase all fun and art stuff happening over the weekend around you